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Hmm, I really should update this every once in a while, ne?
Well 2010, Much, Much snow. Had 2 day off college because of it. Got another day off tomorrow cause of it too.

Another Uni interview on Tuesday, wish me luck?

The year so far has been fine, had it's good moments and sad & Depressing ones. But thats life.

I'll try to update this thing, more. No promises though, I have a memory like a sieve. lol

Hopw you are all doing well.

Now for the Video :D

It's a Touhou one, I love touhou <3

Chocolate Cornets

Wow, i haven't been on here for ages XD. I don't really have the time tbh, lol.

Where can I get chocolate cornets?? I really want one ;_; Espeically when I do my Konata cosplay, I would be able to get some great photos =D

Looks Yummy ^.^

Looks good, ne?

I'm really into Lucky Star atm, I watched the Series ages ago! But I love the little chibi models that are available

I've got that one of Konata in a swimsuit, it's so kawaii!! <3

I also got a random one of Kuroi-sensei, which I accidently got when I picked up the wrong box, but never mind XD

Oh and I've even got Konata cosplay ^__^
My wig isn't as long as her hair but that doesn't really matter =3

Now for some renji goodness!!!

Very Sexy indeed n__n

anyway bye for now!

Hello =^.^= I decided to update this little journal as i kinda forgot about it ^^; I will write better Journals soon promise!! I just don't have the time =/ Oh...I'm suposed to be doing my biology coursework as it is due in tomorrow >_< Damn...Ok i'm gonna toddle off now bye *waves*

As I promised a video, this one is funny LOL XD 

Tokyopop Recon XD

So anyway, no doing much today, XD computer monitor is a bit broken, 0_o, and i can't get a custom style to work on my jounal, this one ok though. Was really bored today, but i had a japanese Lunch XD Took a photo lmao
It is Sushi, Spicy Ramen[SO HOT!], and Iced Green tea, I had to use my mug cause i love it. XD
So anyway in a hour I'm going to a Tokyopop Recon at my local book store, I'm cosplaying as Rukia again. Also i can't wait for the MCM expo it october XD. Have been learning the dance to this song, cause i wanna join in at the next expo. Couldn't last time didn't know the dance. :(
Lucky Star opening
Everytime I update my Journal i will put a movie of the day at the bottom, lmao. XD
See ya

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